Thursday 29 March 2012

Mummy Short Arms - Silicone Dream

Single review by KevW

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Things have been going remarkably well of late, with many of our tips for 2012 coming up trumps with some cracking tunes and proving that, if you dig just below the surface, the world of alternative music is in as capable hands as it's ever been. Next in line to try and live up to the modicum of hype we've bestowed upon them are psychotic experimental rockers Mummy Short Arms whose debut album will be with us in May. Preceding it will be new single 'Silicone Dream', a track that more that matches the promise shown on the previous two singles.

Once again the vocals are desperately shrieked as though James Allan's life depended on it. This disturbing delivery brings a raw passion that feels 100% authentic and inimitable. That it's backed by playful, light-hearted bleeps means a wonderful contradictory quality is reached. This is accentuated by the almost mundane tempo of the song at times, combined with a buzzing guitar riff. 'Silicone Dream' pretty much defies attempts to stamp a genre or a direct comparison on it and this definitely works in Mummy Short Arms' favour. Needless too say, our appetite for the album is thoroughly whetted.

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The single will be available through Flowers In The Dustbin

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