Monday 5 March 2012

Out This Week - 5th March 2012

The Men - Open Your Heart

Hello again, Brooklyn! Very kind of you to this week bring us the third album from scuzzy, psychedelic punks The Men. 'Open Your Heart' is the follow up to last year's 'Leave Home' and has got the press getting all excited, hurling a number of superlatives its way, but with good reason. Have a listen to the title track and see if you can guess which Buzzcocks song it bears an uncanny resemblance to...

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Real Estate - Easy

Similarly acclaimed was last years album, 'Days', from jangly indie types Real Estate. This week sees them releasing another single from the album, the laid-back, harmony soaked 'Easy'. There's almost a middle of the road feel to this, and at times it recalls early 70s west-coast bands such as The Eagles. How it does this while sounding so incredibly good is a mystery, but it does.

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White Rabbits - Temporary

While we're still around that area, another quick hop back to Brooklyn for a look at the latest offering from post-punkers White Rabbits. Third album 'Milk Famous' is with us today and taken from it is this punchy, funky number. 'Temporary' is one of their most accessible tracks to date but retains enough of an alternative slant to get a big thumbs up from us.

Free download: 'Temporary'

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Julia Holter - In The Same Room

A few weeks ago we posted a track from Julia Holter's album 'Tragedy' which was released in August. It hasn't taken her long to produce a follow up, with new album 'Ekstasis' hitting stores this week. Pulling in some stupidly good reviews so far, it looks a cert for some of those end of year lists. We haven't heard it all yet, but as a first sample, free download 'In The Same Room' will do just fine.

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The See See - Gold & Honey

Ed Sheeran winning Brit awards whilst bands of the calibre of The See See remain largely unknown is a sure-fire sign that 2012 will indeed be the year of the apocalypse, so we've got until December to bloody well enjoy it. And let's do so with some class, so we'll direct Adele's middle finger at the aforementioned Sheeran and stick on this beautiful new psych-folk-pop jam 'Gold & Honey' instead. Are we all agreed that this a far better option? Good, now sit back and enjoy.

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