Sunday 4 March 2012

Casimer & Casimir - Retiree

Single review by KevW

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Uncle and nephew duo Casimer & Casimir continue their unorthodox method of shunning deadlines and ideas about recording albums in favour of bringing us each new track as soon as it's complete and only when they're 100% happy with it. This welcome break with convention and the determination to produce music entirely on their own terms is something that should be commended, especially if it means dropping a track as alluring as this every few months.

'Retiree' may only be their third offering (their second was a cover of The Walkmen's 'In The New Year') but the two of them seem to have a remarkably refined understanding of how they want to sound, and the songs have been completed with the kind of confidence normally reserved for more experienced bands who are comfortably hitting their stride. Yet there's nothing overly cocksure about 'Retiree', no smug showing off. This is shiny-but-lo-fi electro-pop with wonderful attention to detail that sounds as though it could have been created using a couple of budget keyboards (Casimer & Casimir & Casio maybe?). Despite not wanting to make conventional albums, should this run of pocket-pop symphonies continue, compiling the first dozen or so together on a playlist will be an incredibly tempting proposition.

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