Tuesday 6 March 2012

Desario - Mixer

Album review by KevW

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Desario call Sacramento, California home, but if you were told they hailed from the somewhat less exotic city of Glasgow you probably wouldn't bat an eyelid. Their second album, 'Mixer', has its roots planted in the fertile bed of Scottish guitar bands of the 80s and 90s, as well as the the US collage rock scene they helped to inspire. As a result there's little in the way of originality or experimentation here, instead we find 10 familiar sounding tracks, well executed but missing any particular wow factor. That's not to say 'Mixer' is devoid of merit or appeal, there are some nice touches scattered throughout this record, albeit borrowed ones.

The default guitar setting is a pleasant, jangly fuzz that feels warm and worn like a cosy sweater. 'Cement Sneakers' sets the precedent and it's a sound they barely stray from, beginning to end. Another band mixing The Jesus & Mary Chain, Pavement and Teenage Fanclub may not be what the world's been crying out for, but when it works well - as on 'Call Out Your Rivals' or 'Success (Is Ours)' - it's a treat to listen to. The excellent 'Develop/Destroy' recalls The Delgados when they were still rough around the edges.

There are points when 'Mixer' seems pedestrian and lacks spark, a few tracks outstay their welcome and this makes the album seem overly long. It may be a case of picking a handful of favourites and discarding the rest. Essentially, those looking for fresh new sounds would be advised to look elsewhere, however if you like jangly, laid-back, lo-fi indie then you'll find moments to enjoy here.

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