Sunday 11 October 2015

Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas - Delaydeez EP

Article by KevW

Easy, slightly exotic guitar-pop that's so chilled it might as well live deep in permafrost. In fact, Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas seem that intent on making everyone so relaxed that they've even reviewed their own sound about as perfectly as can be done, which puts idiots like me out of a job, but still... "tropical dreamslop... lazy unpolished, reverb laden tunes". That sums up the Scottish quartet perfectly, as anyone who heard their,fine debut EP 'Dreamslop' will tell you. There is more to be said about the band than one simple snapshot though, but the trio of songs that make up 'Delaydeez' continue what they started earlier this year and do so in a way that's interesting enough to make these warped, twilight world gems sparkle through the mist of their own lo-fi sounding production.

The EP's lead-track is 'Pop snuff-it' a delightfully lackadaisical and hazy number that almost sounds as though it could have been recorded under water - and manages to make that a good thing. That track, much like 'The way she goes', give off the impression that they'd like to spend half the day in bed, and then just head down to the beach to soak up some rays, all whilst living in a fuzzy daydream. Inhabiting the space where reality becomes blurred is something that Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas do masterfully, creating an individual blend of psychedelia, DIY indie and slow-motion surf. It's perhaps 'Delaydeez' that should have been given top billing, if only because of the fact that it's the most upbeat and immediate of the three tunes which perhaps opens it up to a wider audience. It's still all floaty, drifting vocals and feels like it's shining its light through frosted glass so that everything remains blurry and somewhat surreal. "You could be the one to mend my broken head" is casually sung on 'The way she goes', and if you're feeling a little fragile, then let this music massage your brain until everything is serene again.

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