Monday 26 October 2015

Space Above - Fall Through

Article by KevW

It can be annoying when bands' or artists' PR companies (or even the acts themselves) try and make themselves out to be something they're not by falsely describing their sound on biographies, press releases and so on. For example, at the moment it seems that every young pop starlet tries to insert the word "indie" when looking to categorise themselves, presumably in an attempt to appeal to more alternative publications. It lacks a little imagination, and even if they are on an independent label, their sound is anything but. Using imagination in both music and sound description are New Zealand trio Space Above who've come up with the term "space tech" to accurately describe their form of experimental, electronic alt-pop.

They began as a project Aaron Short of The Naked and Famous and Sam McCarthy of Strange Babes, with vocalist and songwriter Maddie North of So Below completing the line-up soon after. 'Fall Through' is a dreamy wonderland with a steady, propulsive beat, soft, drifting vocals and plenty of cosmic sounds invading the background and making for a warm and fuzzy listen. There's lots here for fans of more conventional pop to get stuck into though; there may be an alternative edge to the band but there's also a strong sense of melody and something quite hypnotic about the track. 'Fall Through' gently draws you in more with each listen and the multitude of sonic layers add depth. A great track, and Space Above deserve bonus points for inventing a genre of their own that actually fits the music they make.

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