Sunday 25 October 2015

PREMIERE: Trick Mist - Tampering Happy

Article by KevW

It's amazing what some people decide to throw away. Manchester-based Irishman Gavin Murray (who you may know as a member of Bold Things) found what he describes as a "pristine" violin in a wheelie bin outside his house. He's put it to good use on his debut solo release under the guise of Trick Mist whose 'Jars In Rows' EP will be out on October 29th. In fact, for the next few days you'll be able to stream the whole record by means of a video on his website which consists of a shot of a Manchester bus stop at night - it's not your regular promotional route, but then Trick Mist don't really have a regular sound.

That violin adds a lovely, almost John Cale-esque drone to 'Tampering Happy', but any Velvet Underground comparisons just about end there. This slightly haunted number is perhaps more in line with, say, Nick Cave or Tindersticks, and the layers of repetitive instrumentation will almost leave you in a trance. There's much more going on here than you first realise, and when a switch occurs halfway through it becomes even darker in tone and makes great use of the combination of organic and electronic sounds. 'Tampering Happy' is something of a collage, carefully pieced together, but makes for a wonderfully cohesive journey that is completely engaging.

Trick Mist's website

The EP will be available from October 29th via Bandcamp

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