Monday 26 October 2015

Slow Riot - Cathedral

Article by KevW

Limerick trio Slow Riot released their new EP 'Cathedral' this week, and these brooding post-punk tracks are quite fitting considering their band name. Opener 'Demons' does begin at a fairly slow pace, setting a tone not dissimilar to certain mid-paced Interpol or early Editors tracks, but then explodes into a beautiful cacophony of noise that lifts the song into grandiose territory. It's a marked difference from lead single 'City Of Culture' which brings in more of the "riot" aspect, powering through like a resurrected Joy Division with a bee in their bonnet. By the end the anger in the strained voice is palpable.

The tempo drops again for the start of 'Adele' which, as far as I can tell, isn't about the singer. However, much like her work, the track is perhaps the most emotive here, although it's a far cry from chart break-up ballads, and sound-wise is in keeping with the rest of the EP. The final minute and a half sees everything ramped up so that drums crash louder, the guitar is blistering as if it's been set on fire and the backline is weighty and bass-heavy. It's a neat post-punk bassline that kicks-off the atmospheric 'Cooper's Dream' too, before being joined by a chiming guitar line. With many of the bands that have dealt in a similar style in recent years either changing their sound or yielding diminishing returns, Slow Riot are more than capable of filling the hole. 

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