Monday 26 October 2015

Get Me Free #74: The Echo And The Sound - Virginia Law

Article by KevW

Formed in 2012, Los Angeles duo The Echo And The Sound offer a stripped-down but energetic take on modern garage music. Consisting of Brian Rich on guitar and vocals and Douglas Jewell on drums, the pair released the album 'Buffalo Mouth' earlier this year, but it's being given a fresh release tomorrow as a double EP. Being a guitar and drums duo, certain comparisons are inevitable, but they don't limit themselves to those instruments alone, although they can kick up a heck of a sound when they do.

Lead single 'Virginia Law' is a prime example of they genre they've made for themselves. "Gothic cantina" may be difficult to envisage by name alone, but if you take raw garage rock 'n' roll, throw in a little blues and a punky edge then that sums things up pretty well. Despite the fact tat there are only two of them, there's not much room to move on 'Virginia Law', as it's crammed with fervently strummed electric guitar, a surging beat, handclaps and even a touch of harmonica. The Echo And The Sound may not be the first to attempt this kind of thing, but they still manage to keep it sounding fresh and exciting.

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