Tuesday 13 October 2015

Club 8 - Love Dies

Article by KevW

It's hard to believe that Swedish indiepoppers Club 8 celebrate their 20th anniversary this year (S Club 7 came and went in that time, although I believe an attempted comeback is in progress), especially given the fact that various members are involved in other bands as well - it would have been easy to move on, but their chemistry is too good for that. Throughout that time you've never known quite what to expect from each new release, as they've moved from guitar-driven songs to a more electronic sound and even more atmospheric sounds that could be classed as chillwave. They're always up for experimenting rather than repeating the same formula over and over again, and they've rarely faltered.

Their new album 'Pleasure' is due on November 20th through Labrador Records and is preceded by current single 'Love Dies'. Where does this fall in terms of categorisation? Well, that's typically difficult to precisely pinpoint. The umbrella term "indiepop" fits, but so too does electro-pop, dreampop and chillwave. This is a subtle track that gently glides along on a layer of background fuzz with angelic vocals as the focal point. Held together by synths and keys, 'Love Dies' manages to convey the emotion the title suggests, and the glistening ambiance of it all is quite lovely. Electronic beats are used sparingly so that when they do appear, they add an extra dimension. It's slightly ironic that two decades together is marked by a break-up song, but we can only hope the band remain as solid as ever.

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