Saturday 31 October 2015

Get Me Free #77: Phone Home - Funhouse

Article by KevW

How's this for a way to start a band: “I’m going to buy a few keyboards and play weird riffs over your drum beats”. That was the message that John Vallarelli received from his brother Michael back in 2010, and that's basically the way the duo still operate today. After years playing in separate punk bands around New York, Phone Home was born as something experimental, exciting and with surprisingly listenable tunes for such an odd set-up. They dubbed the genre "spacecore", and that's pretty much what it sounds like. New EP 'Heights was released at the end of September.

Taken from it, and with a newly released video, just in time for Halloween, is single 'Funhouse'. The video shows the brothers entering a building, drinking an unknown concoction, and then running into all kinds of ghoulish and scary characters. The song itself is equally as weird, but in a cosmic, psychedelic and strangely poppy way. Entirely instrumental (as with all their music), the drums change from clattering, flailing fills one minute to steady, spacious beats the next. The keyboard sounds are twisted, warped, piercing and give the track a sound that's really theirs alone. A real (trick or) treat.

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