Friday 16 October 2015

Get Me Free #69: Wet Ashes - Spot In The Sun

Article by KevW

Bands having members in different countries is becoming less rare these days thanks to the ease of transferring ideas back and forth via the internet, and that's been the case with Wet Ashes. The group have been together a few years, but only released their debut album late last year after they'd cemented a line-up that worked and written a high calibre of songs. Split between Chicago and Mexico, different musicians, producers and engineers work together to give them a hybrid of various indie-rock sounds.

There is something traditional about their music, but at the same time it holds an almost danceable groove and takes in elements of US alt-rock, the UK guitar-pop scene, as well as glimmers of psychedelia and an experimental leaning. 'Spot In The Sun' captures that vision perfectly and is a tangible progression from their early recordings (they started exchanging ideas over five years ago). There's nothing overly commercial about this track; Wet Ashes plan doesn't seem to be toppling Taylor Swift or anything, it feels as though they're a band making the music they want. And when that's done to a high standard, you can easily find yourself going places.

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