Sunday 25 October 2015

Get Me Free #73: Look Vibrant - Callous Reactions

Article by KevW

Montreal's Look Vibrant couldn't be better named, as their music is an explosion of sound and is bursting with energy. Following a string of singles, the duo of Justin Lazarus and Matt Murphy (they expand to a five-piece for live dates, and with so much going on it's no surprise) put out their debut EP at the end of last month. At five tracks long and available as a free download, it's a total bargain, and single 'Callous Reactions' is a perfect example of their melodic, experimental electro/rock/indie/pop hybrid.

Retro synths and full-throttle guitars open up the track and they never look back from there, as a galloping beat enters the fray and the expertly-crafted pop melodies are beautifully sung. 'Callous Reactions' changes tempo a few times and harmonies also appear, along with a variety of electronic sounds that make kaleidoscopic noise that's fun, colourful, innovative and very easy to listen to at the same time; it's proper ear candy, and you need to tuck in right away. 

Download the EP for free by heading here

Look Vibrant's website

The Sound Of Confusion on Twitter and Facebook

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