Sunday 25 October 2015

Hundred Handed - Love Me Like The Weekend

Article by KevW

Los Angeles trio Hundred Handed only formed recently, but in new single 'Love Me Like The Weekend' they're already displaying enough talent to make them potential crossover stars. Jordan McGraw (vocals/guitar), Drew Langan (drums) and Matt Black (bass) don't just have confidence and musical ability, they have a knack with a melody, and arrangements that bring out the very best in this track. The production is perfect for the mix of indie-rock and alt-pop and could find fans in many corners of the music world.

Crisp and clean, 'Love Me Like The Weekend' is built from a snappy beat, shimmering guitar, occasional piano and some great melodies and harmonies. They drop in a chorus that's both contagious and euphoric; the entire song feels like one big celebration. Unless this is a one-off, it deserves a reissue once the band become better known, something which, if they have more of these waiting in the wings, seems almost inevitable. Don't bet against hearing a lot more from these guys before long.

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