Wednesday 21 October 2015

Get Me Free #71: Sound Is Lovv - Take Me With You

Article by KevW

Los Angeles group Sound Is Lovv began life as the solo project of Brad Watson before expanding to a full band and releasing their highly impressive debut EP this week. 'Shipwrecks' doesn't sound like the first tentative steps of a fledgling band, with tracks such as 'And Don't Believe' and 'Not Good Enough' grabbing a classic shoegaze sound by the scruff of the neck and pounding it full of energy while keeping the vocals soft and switching between aural guitar and drum assaults to slower, more subtle moments. 'Love FM' covers all bases and is typical of the epic sound that the genre has been known for in the past.

Single 'Take Me With You' is another that really shines out from an accomplished set of songs. A video set on a rocky shoreline doesn't just fit the title of the EP, the bright sunshine mirrors the uplifting, golden sound of the track, and the endless blue sea and sky only serve to make 'Take Me With You' even more expansive than it already is. Drums crash, guitar squalls out a great solo and the entire tune shimmers like the sun's rays of the water. This isn't a mere retread of another band's work, Sound Is Lovv have taken the music they like and stamped their own hallmark on it. An extremely good first offering.

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