Thursday 22 October 2015

Get Me Free #72: Superfecta - All Of These Places

Article by KevW

Another bumper 'Get Me Free' today. New York alt-rock group Superfecta have just released a new six-track EP as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp. What sets them apart from much of NY's guitar music scene is that they're not trying overly hard to be "alternative", instead mixing a love of classic rock influences into indie-rock. For example, 'Resurrection' could easily be the cover of a '70s track and isn't afraid to use lead guitar in a more conventional sense, which really works for them. 'Talking To Myself' also has a timeless sound that blends in a little funk. There are slower, more anthemic moments too, the most prominent perhaps being the countryish 'Weeds and Trees', but lighter, chiming guitars also make themselves known on 'Pedestal'. They even nail the "epic last track" with the lovely 'Always Waiting'.

If it's something that more resembles a conventional single that you're after, then the title-track will provide the goods and is a nice marker of their merger of the new and the old. 'All Of These Places' is alt-rock that doesn't take long to come firing out of the barrel. The occasional pause for something a bit more subtle gives clues as to what else the band have to offer on the record. Superfecta haven't tried to step too far outside of the box here, but with so many others being indier-than-thou, this is actually a refreshing change and gives them their own space to indulge in whatever they choose without the need to conform. A good fuzzy guitar solo doesn't do the track any harm either, and even uses Brian May-esque harmonics at one point. Yeah you can get all this lot for free, but it's probably worth splashing a little cash if you can.

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Nov 23 - 9 PM at The Shrine in Harlem

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