Friday 16 October 2015

Frozy - Lesser Pop

Article by KevW

In a way, 'Lesser Pop' is the perfect title for the latest album by Seaford-based trio Frozy. Not because it somehow lacks quality, but because it's very stripped-back and with no frills, just great songs with well-written lyrics and a simple, lo-fi production that gives a certain intimacy to tracks like 'Cardinals' and 'Summer End'. Indiepop can often be a dirty word; shorthand for twee, sickly music, or melodic songs that are covered in distortion to hide the fact that beneath it all there's little of value. Frozy give themselves nowhere to hide, and they don't need to.

Chiming guitars, basic drums and a crystal clear vocal open up the album on 'Ferris Wheel', and Frozy's stall is pretty much set out from there, but that's not to say they simply repeat the same trick for the next half an hour. 'You Did' is a pretty tune that does follow suit, and 'Sea Air' does likewise, but 'Angela' has a slightly more lush arrangement and melodically recalls The Velvet Underground before dipping into '90s alt-rock for the chorus, but this song is the exception rather than the rule, and the almost bare-bones approach is, on the whole, more reminiscent of a less punky Violent Femmes, perhaps most obviously so on 'Where Are You'.

There are hooky aplenty, and the "ba ba bas" on the excellent 'Hang Up' don't require repeat plays to fall for. Even on slower tracks like instrumental 'Ohio' there's something to catch your ear right away, in this case the melodic lead guitar, and the winding lead on 'Five Roses' has a similar effect. 'March Again' is fairly innocuous at first, but the scuzzy guitar kicks in and gives it some extra sparkle, and the upbeat 'Clement's Songfinal' is a late highlight before we bow out with sentimental feeling 'Snow'. Frozy aren't trying to change the world or reinvent the wheel with 'Lesser Pop', but if it's a collection of natural, personal and well-made songs that you're after, then you won't find much to grumble about here.

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