Friday 16 October 2015

Baston - Gesture

Article by KevW

From Air to M83, France has led the line in electronic/pop crossover acts; experimental but commercial with it. That legacy doesn't look like going away any time soon, especially with groups such as Yeti Lane pushing things forward even more, but Baston belong to a whole different scene that's emerging across the channel. Hailing from Rennes, the trio have maybe been listening to the swathe of garage-pop acts to come out of America in recent times and lit up the indie world. To give you an idea, both Deerhunter and Beach Fossils are cited as references, but there are so many more creating a similar noise to great success. That really begs a couple of questions. Does the world need another similar sounding band? And can Baston possibly stand out in a genre that's not lacking in representatives? Well, the world always needs good bands, no matter what style they fit. And the second question is easily answered by listening to new EP 'Gesture'.

Spooky guitar twangs kick off 'Maybe I'm Dead', before it fully impacts with a jangle that's part C86 and part '60s freakbeat with a catchy, instantly likable melody, it bodes well from the very start. As they move on to the slightly darker 'Decay', they prove it's not a one-off. Elements of post-punk creep in, along with a touch of surf which is ever-present on the EP. 'Sword' is another undeniably top tune that will reel you in upon first play; these guys clearly have what it takes. From there they segue straight into the '50s flecked 'Honda'.  Echo is used heavily on 'Holotape' where they ramp up the atmosphere that bit more and craft something that has a certain stateliness despite the relatively trebly, lo-fi production. Baston aren't ones for simply regurgitating the same song over again either, and you only need to look at the excellent 'Jacques Vache (It's Complicated With)' which soars higher with terrific vocal and a grandeur not often associated with music of this kind. It twangs, it's epic, and it's a match for just about any of their contemporaries. They even leave enough to sign off with an epic last track in the form of the quite fantastic and dreamy 'Gefahr'. It's safe to say that Baston can, and indeed have, managed to make a record stands out. This is stellar stuff.

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