Wednesday 21 October 2015

Willie J Healey - Dude Like Him

Article by KevW

Oxford-based artist Willie J Healey has been described as offering a British take on the grungy, slacker-pop of people like Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco. When you factor in his own description of his music being "rock 'n' stroll", then a surprisingly accurate picture is painted. A new EP, 'Saturday Night Feeling', is set for release on November 6th, with single 'Dude Like Him' out now and very much living up to the comparisons.

The guitar is very much in the tradition of modern garage bands, even hinting at early Strokes tracks while also possessing an airiness that could be inspired by The War On Drugs. This is uptempo but spacious with it. Those aforementioned slacker vibes come across in the vocal delivery as well as certain lyrics and, despite those American references, this does have a very British quality to it. With a contagious stomp that grows with each listen, 'Dude Like Him' lends itself to radio play and deserves a decent amount of coverage.

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