Sunday 11 October 2015

Get Me Free #64: Jargon Party - Surf Rock Anthem Number 7

Article by KevW

You know the whole "it does exactly what it says on the tin" thing? Well, that pretty much applies to the new single from Maine-based Jargon Party, although it should be pointed out that this is a modern form of surf, one where twangy guitars intertwine with indie and alt-rock sounds, leaving a punky edge. So we're not totally in Dick Dale territory. The group was originally formed in Brooklyn by Zack Lewis in 2012 before they expanded to become a quartet, and they've recently been playing some gigs in Massachusetts (in fact, if you're quick, they're playing O'Briens, Allston tonight).

The video to 'Surf Rock Anthem Number 7' is pretty fitting too, showing the band performing in an old-fashioned arcade, shooting some pinball and playing retro video games. The track does take a pinch of the '60s, but it's perhaps closer in spirit to some of the acts building their reputation at CBGB a decade later, it's a bit of a riot, albeit a controlled one. It spirals in intensity towards the end, with references to being "too high" and never getting to heaven. By the sounds of it though, they're having a good enough time as it is.

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