Monday 12 October 2015

Trudy - Behave

Article by KevW

It's always interesting to hear how bands take music from the past and merge it with modern sounds to create their own take on things. With members from Liverpool and Leeds, Trudy are self-proclaimed "50s throwback[s]" and refer to themselves as "trash pop". The same could be said for The Raveonettes, who take those melodies and a love of Buddy Holly and coat their often sordid tales of the underground in fuzz and distortion. Then there are Shannon and the Clams who have similar reference points but more of a doo-wop-gone-garage sound.

These guys use '50s chord changes right from the start of 'Behave', but offer a sweeter alternative thanks to a lighter vocal and an uplifting chorus that chimes with echo. It's probably no surprise that The Beach Boys are another influence (you can get a free download of Trudy covering 'Help Me Rhonda' from their website), because the early pop songs of Brian Wilson are clearly a part of the genetic make up of this single. Nothing's quite as clean and perfect as that though, but this is by design (hence "trash pop"), although it's not far off, and 'Behave' is a bright, slightly warped pop tune that will charm the pants off you.

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