Tuesday 13 October 2015

Get Me Free #66: Stars In Coma - Pieces Of A Lonely Night

Article by KevW

Ten years ago last month, Andre from Swedish indiepop band Stars In Coma put out his first EP under that guise. Since then seven full-length albums have been released and the group has gained some pretty favourable reviews, and to mark a decade of making music, a new album now joins that list. 'The Ghosts Were Prolific In Our Minds' consists of seven tracks and is available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. In keeping with Andre's usual working methods, the seven song set was written and recorded quickly with the minimum of fuss, although given the quality and lack of a "homemade" sound, you wouldn't guess it.

More electronic than recent releases, the album sees a slight departure with more synths introduced, especially on tracks like sparkling slowie 'Power Reducer'. Lead single 'Pieces Of A Lonely Night' is more upbeat, as is much of the record, and seems to borrow from a wide variety of places. You can detect hints of Ben Folds in the piano, while the structure and changes in dynamic even recall ELO. Sparks are another possible influence and the retro feel of some of the electronics does give the song a '70s flavour at times, but it's still inventive and doesn't adhere to a formula, which is quite indicative of Stars In Coma's output as a whole. Here's to the next ten years.

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