Wednesday 14 October 2015

Get Me Free #67: Victory Kicks - Died A Patriot

Article by KevW

If you've followed the UK music press lately, you may have seen shows or read articles that discuss exactly what "indie" music is/means nowadays. The idea of it being a genre of music essentially vanished many years ago, but independent labels can have hits as big as the majors and house some of the biggest acts in the world. Really, indie is more an ethic than anything else, and it's one that Victory Kicks adhere to. Formed on The Isle Of Wight as a vehicle for songwriter John Sibley, they're now based in London and produce and release their records on their own label.

Most recent album, 'High Wires', was released in the summer and it's from this that double A-side single 'Died A Patriot'/'The North Fall' is taken, and the pair have been made a free download. The slow-burning, slightly funky 'The North Fall' is well worth checking out, but 'Died A Patriot' perhaps edges it. More immediate, this track mixes in a gritty, almost southern-fried guitar riff with the lighter tones of the sparking arrangement. This is alt-rock that should have a wide appeal without ever sounding watered-down. Proof that if you have the talent, big label cash injections aren't needed to come up with the goods.

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