Tuesday 20 October 2015

Get Me Free #70: Windmill - How Many Times?

Article by KevW

It's been a steady and graceful rise for Liverpool's Windmill. The project was initially conceived by Mick Dolan some years ago, but it wasn't until he began working with vocalist Dawn Williams that things really took off, and debut single 'Birdman' was released at the start of 2014. Almost two years later, and now expanded to a five-piece, the string of hauntingly beautiful, dreamy indie-folk tracks they've delivered are set set to be followed by an album. 'Wanderlust' is scheduled for the end of January and will include new track 'How Many Times?'.

More stripped-down than previous releases, the ominous, booming production has been swapped for something more delicate and intimate. 'How Many Times?' is almost an exercise in restraint; knowing when to go overboard and when to keep arrangements relatively simple. A gentle, monotonous bass loop bobs through the song alongside the picked acoustic guitar. Atmosphere has always been a key aspect of what's made Windmill so enticing, and even scaled-back this song is flooded with it - not least because of the simply gorgeous vocal harmonies that make you stop what you're doing and just listen. Windmill don't have a bad tune to their name yet, and there's no reason to doubt that the forthcoming album will also deliver the goods.

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