Sunday 12 July 2015

The Sound Of Confusion (Reprise)

Article by KevW

Hello comrades! Yes, after a year's sabbatical, The Sound Of Confusion is reopening its doors from today. There will be a few familiar faces (hi!) as well as some new writers as we try and discover the best new music out there. The site looks as basic and old fashioned as ever (well, we're here for the music, we're not designers!) but there's a tonne of great new acts and some established favourites delivering fresh aural goods. If you haven't signed up to any of our social media sites then give us a follow/like for extra news and music, including 'The Repeater' whereby we'll be revisiting a classic track each day on Twitter and Facebook, and also 'Get Me Free' which will be a free/name-your-price download posted daily to the site, starting from today. Certain individuals may have spotted that both of those features have names slightly altered from Spacemen 3 tracks ('Repeater' and 'Set Me Free' respectively), but, hey, what did you expect!?

The plan was to kick off with a playlist looking at some of the year's best releases so far (new albums by The Go! Team, Parastatic, Sergeant Buzfuz, Venera 4 and others are essential purchases), but since we announced the relaunch of the site we've had to reinforce our inbox with steel girders to handle the weight of submissions, so instead we've compiled some of the best tracks to have landed so far for this months playlist which will remain on the right of the page until August.

Thanks for checking back, we hope you find some music you like, and please do follow us if you don't already, as all the social media sites are new, so if you were signed up before then those pages have been deleted!

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