Wednesday 15 July 2015

Get Me Free #4: Jacuzzi Boys - Happy Damage

Article by KevW

"Are you guys musicians?"
"What band, or what group, what's your name?"
"We're called Jacuzzi Boys."
"Jacubbi Boys?"
"So you're local?"
"From Miami, Florida."
"No kidding! What are you doing all the way up here?"
"Really? How cool! What kind of music do you play?"
"Rock 'n' roll."
"Rock 'n' roll! Yeah!"

And so goes one lady's introduction to to Jacuzzi Boys, as Judge Judy flickers on a TV screen in the background. I hope she likes buzz-saw guitars, walls of noise, feedback and a heap of melody, because if so, and assuming she hung around for the gig, she'd watch these slightly unkempt heroes tearing a venue apart by the brute force of their own energy. From their forthcoming EP of the same name, 'Happy Damage' is an instant success that borrows from a good thirty years of US alt-rock and still has a life all of its own. It's little wonder that Jacuzzi Boys have built such a following by now - they make pop songs shot through with a lovable, roguish charm and more enthusiasm than a puppy with a new cuddly toy to rip to shreds. Happy? Definitely! Damage? Likely to occur if you spend to long in the mosh pit. The most fitting word, though, is "fun". And lots of it.

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