Monday 13 July 2015

Get Me Free #2: Stolen Jars - Kept

Article by KevW

Indulging in a life of crime isn't something we'd endorse, but if you're going to do so, then at least try and keep it low-key and not that intrusive. Yeah, some people get their kicks from stealing cars or whatever, but not this New Jersey band, who appear to opt for a much less expensive and hazardous form of theft. OK, so it probably is actually very unlikely that Stolen Jars got their name from a particular habit they have, but it's a nice concept.

It's been ages since their self-titled debut album back in 2011, but a new LP, 'Kept', will be released on August 7th and you can get the title-track as a free taster. It's a neat, slightly squiggly experimental indie tune that recalls acts such as Dirty Projectors in the way that its difficult to pin down and not easily to classify. Tempo changes, rhythms borrowed from afrobeat, guitars that flit in and out of math-rock and the free-willed spirit of Animal Collective help to make the track interesting, unique and a real grower. Lock up your glassware and get stuck in.

Catch them live:

7/23 - Pianos - New York, NY
8/5 - AS220 - Providence, RI
8/7 - Elvis Guesthouse - New York, NY (Album Release show) 
8/15 - The Space - New Haven, CT
8/28 - Arlene's Grocery - New York, NY
8/29 - All Sounds - Bloomfield, NJ

Stolen Jars' website

The album will be available through Bandcamp

The Sound Of Confusion on Twitter and Facebook

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