Tuesday 21 July 2015

Get Me Free #10: Black Tiger Palace - ReignForest

Article by KevW

You all know Black Tiger Palace, right? If you've just answered that question, "no", then we can't really help besides passing on one of their songs. Despite searching the all-knowing internet, we can only really find stuff about rare large cats, so who he/she/they is/are will remain a mystery for now, but then perhaps that's exactly how they want it. Any kind of location has also eluded us, as have further web links besides a SoundCloud page streaming four songs.

As they submitted the artwork for a new EP (which, judging by the cover, is called 'Nightwork'), we do know that all four songs on said page are included and are difficult to split on merit alone. Really it comes down to personal preference, but 'ReignForest' perhaps best encapsulates the low-range frequencies and deep, weighty electronica that Black Tiger Palace create. With a sampled voice cutting through the darkness, it also offers a nice contrast. There are several genres you could lump this into, from EDM to deep house, but as they appear to enjoy being enigmatic, we won't force them into a corner, just enjoy these heavy atmospherics instead.

Black Tiger Palace's website

The Sound Of Confusion on Twitter and Facebook

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