Sunday 26 July 2015

Peluché - The Guy With The Gammy Eye

Article by KevW

Speedy Wunderground have "speedy" in their name for a reason: the label insist that each song they release be recorded in a single day. With Peluché, though, this no messing approach was taken to another level. It was in less than a week that they heard this track from the London trio, caught them live, got them in the studio, and had the tapes off to the pressing plant. You may expect such haste to come at some expense to the music, but that's not so in this instance. 'The Guy With The Gammy Eye' isn't lo-fi, it isn't deliberately demo-like, in fact it contains a lot of depth and attention to detail, so much so that you can find something new each time you hear it.

Classification isn't easy, but if you think along the lines of conventional dreampop mixed with Stereolab and Bjork then you'll begin to build a picture. It's all calm, ethereal, reverberating guitars and heavenly sighs at the beginning, but the guitar motif picks up the pace just before the kooky vocals hit and from there on in the rhythm section clicks into gear and drives the song forward with an insatiable lust to build and build. Strange sounds pepper 'The Guy With The Gammy Eye' and make an already unusual (but quite beautiful) song even more otherworldly. There's more invention here than in some bands' entire back-catalogues.

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