Tuesday 21 July 2015

Nolita View - Departed

Article by KevW

South London's Nolita View have always been interesting, and at first this was because we knew nothing about them. After a friendly chat about 18 months back we learned more, including who they'd been listening to (The War On Drugs, The National, Talking Heads...) as well as the band they're most often compared to (Phoenix). Listening to new single 'Departed' you can hear elements of pretty much all of the above, but, interestingly, least of all is Phoenix. Quite nicely labelled by the band themselves as "Stadium Krautrock", there is a slight difference to their sound on this one.

The term itself is all but null and void, with just the faintest hint of a motorik beat giving a krautrock drive, but only if you squint a bit, and perhaps only the chiming guitars and big chorus sending them anywhere near "stadium" levels, which is no bad thing; this band are not Muse. What we do have is a post-punky pop song that propels itself well, sticks in the mind and shows a genuine progression. With this insistent nature and memorable choruses, this new "Stadium Krautrock" tag (if we're to call it that) might just serve them very well.

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