Wednesday 22 July 2015

Get Me Free #11: Cancellieri - Education

Article by KevW

A few years ago we had whole fleets of Foxes sound-alikes sailing across the ocean, before our very own Mr. Mumford and his chums took British folk and gave it a pop sheen. Since then you haven't been able to walk down the charts without tripping over some bloke with a guitar making songs that will pocket a fortune on TV ads before too long. So how come self confessed Americana singer-songwriter Cancellieri is bucking the trend by turning up with tunes as good as 'Education'?

I guess that's a secret for the Colorado musician to know and us to find out, but he's been managing to get some very respectable comparisons (Neil Young, Elliot Smith, Bon Iver...) while he's been at it, and you only have to play this to see why. Yes, 'Education' is downbeat and melancholy, but with the echoing guitar at the forefront, backed by occasional strings that cold be from 'Astral Weeks', and a voice that's as silky as bathing in a bath of melted chocolate and as haunting and full of feeling as a million emotion-filled movie scenes, the stage is set for new album '46 And Raleigh'. It could be amazing.

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