Monday 20 July 2015

Get Me Free #9: Junkyard Choir - Sun Moon Stars

Article by KevW

Junkyard Choir aren't the first band to try and fuse country with punk, and they surely won't be the last. As a rule (there are exceptions, of course) the results of such genre-splicing have been questionable at best. New single 'Sun Moon Stars' (which is lifted from the album 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' from earlier this year) is that it succeeds in being a proper, southern-fried, gravel-throated thrash of chunky guitar riffs, flailing drums and lyrics about whiskey without ever seeming like pretense, forced, stereotypical bluesy desert-rock as you may expect.

That makes it even odder, then, that Junkyard Choir are two blokes from Brighton. Yep, the Brighton in England. Which I guess still makes then southern, right? They, like others before them, have shown that you don't have to be from a certain location or living a certain lifestyle to be able to write songs about it, although it can help, naturally. 'Sun Moon Stars' is a furious, heavy, swinging stomp whoever the heck it's by. Proof once more that you don't need a certain passport to make great tunes.

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