Monday 27 July 2015

The Baron Four - Walking Out

Article by KevW

The latest 7" from The Baron Four finds them on top form, blasting out the kind of crunching R'n'B that The Yardbirds would be proud of, yet if anything, this is even more raw. 'Walking Out' lays on some blistering guitar, especially for the brief solo, and the beat has a swing that goes from being Ringo one minute, to a flailing Ginger Baker the next. There's a sense of urgency here which is quite compelling and gets your feet stomping. Hovering around in the distance are some backing vocals that add some neat harmonies to the snappy, visceral lead.

Things are toned down just a bit for B-side 'Can't Find My Way' where the jagged riff is exchanged for treble-heavy chords and a more expansive sound as a whole. While 'Walking Out' may be an explosive track, this time they opt for twang and melody that's not dissimilar to fellow revivalists The Raveonettes (minus the fuzz that is). Again the tune is strong and again they nail the sound of those original 45s that inspired them. Another couple of nuggets from a band who always look and sound the part.

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