Sunday 12 July 2015

This Month's Playlist + Get Me Free #1

Article by KevW

As with before, we'll be posting a new playlist every month featuring the best tunes from the past four weeks or so. Because we've had so many great submissions already, this month's playlist will feature a dozen of the best songs to land in our inbox recently. Some have been available for a few weeks, some are out later this month, but all deserve some attention, so you can listen to each track individually below, or streaming together on the player to the right. We'll be kicking off with the first of our new 'Get Me Free' series. Enjoy!

Get Me Free #1: 

Sam Page - So So Cynical

It's probably got to the point where Californian singer-songwriter Sam Page is sick of us comparing him to Bob Mould, so we won't do that. A year on from his album 'The Slog In Uncertainty', he's back with more driving alt-rock with an early '90s flavour in the shape of single 'So So Cynical', and it's as catchy and crisp as ever. You can download the song for free, or if you have some spare chance kicking about in your bank account then leave a tip.

Download 'So So Cynical' for free from this page

Sam Page's website

Lilies On Mars - Dancing Star

This first single from Lilies On Mars' forthcoming second album '∆GO' has got us very excited. 'Dancing Star' is a glistening ball of kraut-pop brilliance that recalls Stereolab, Cocteau Twins and The Horrors (with that band's Tom Furse helping out on production duties). More of this calibre and it could be a spectacular record.

Lilies On Mars' website

Buy the single

The Dreaming Spires - All Kinds Of People

It won't be any surprise to learn that The Dreaming Spires hail from the city their bears that nickname, Oxford. Having been involved in bands, festivals and other facets of the music world for many years, Robin and Joe Bennett are now the driving force behind some truly wonderful melodic guitar-pop. 'All Kinds Of People' is taken from their recent album 'Searching For The Supertruth'.

The Dreaming Spires' website

Buy the single

Garbanotas Bosistas - Trippy Love

Lithuanian band Garbanotas Bosistas have produced one of the best albums of the year so far in 'Above Us', a splendid collection of psychedelic dreampop tunes. They certainly deserve much more attention than they're likely to receive outside of their homeland, and 'Trippy Love' encompasses the vibe of long, hazy summer's days. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, and they've got plenty more where that came from.

Garbanotas Bosistas' website

Buy the track

The Helio Sequence - Battle Lines

In other blissful, sunny music news, Oregon duo The Helio Sequence released a new self-titled album back in May, and 'Battle Lines' is the woozy new single lifted from it. They've been releasing records since 1999 and established a good and deserved cult following, but with tracks like this they should probably be better known. So if this is your thing, then spread the word.

The Helio Sequence's website

Buy the single

The Creeping Ivies - The Witch House

Upon first hearing The Creeping Ivies very recently, it was instant new favourite band time. The Glaswegian trio have released several records already, and forthcoming new EP 'The Witch House' is another classic. If you like the Cramps and you like the 'Nuggets' '60s garage/psych series, then this is for you. Pre-order the three-track EP now and get an instant download of this track... which isn't even the best one of the trio...

The Creeping Ivies' website

Buy the single

Frog Eyes - Joe With The Jam

From British Columbia, Canadian band Frog Eyes will be releasing their new album 'Pickpocket's Locket' through Paper Bag Records on August 28th. Based on 'Joe With The Jam', it could be delightfully pieced together baroque indie that's not afraid to experiment, has occasional dark undercurrents and will be a hit with Bowie fans. Hard to argue with really.

Frog Eyes' website

Pre-order the album

Cfit - Dust Silhouettes

Dublin's Cfit seem to be getting better and better. After a very well received album, they're releasing a new single, 'Dust Silhouettes', on July 27th. It's a powerful and expansive alt-rock number with a punky edge and a certain urgency. If you pre-order the single from their Bandcamp page you get a free acoustic EP thrown in for good measure.

Cfit's website

Pre-order the single

The Smoking Trees - Home In The Morning

Back in 2012 we reviewed the first album by The Smoking Trees, an L.A duo consisting of Sir Psych and L.A.AL. Turns out we're back just in time for their second LP, 'TST', which is out this week on the ever reliable Ample Play imprint. 'Home In The Morning' is misty-eyed US psych with a hint of dreampop about it, and that's a very good thing.

The Smoking Trees' website

Buy the single

CENTREFOLDS - You, Me & Debauchery

After picking up some decent airplay and festival slots, CENTREFOLDS return this month with their new single 'You, Me & Debauchery' which is the classic sound of contemporary British indie music. Upbeat and full of handclaps, this track mixes funk and electro-pop with traditional guitar music resulting in something that seems destined for the airwaves.


Pre-order the single

Sonic Hearts Foundation - Godspeed

Glasgow's Sonic Hearts Foundation are back with a new EP, 'The Light Of The Future Sun', later this month, and the new single from it is 'Godspeed'. A brooding, stomping, gargantuan piece of atmospheric electro-rock, this sounds as though it was designed for making your speakers tremble with fear. Best served loud.

Sonic Hearts Foundation's website

Buy the single

PARQKS - Shade Is A Light That Faded

Based in the French city of Limoges, PARQKS are purveyors of very fine post-rock and shoegaze, carving out ambient and noisy soundscapes. Their EP, 'Slow Ascent Melancholia', was released last month and taken from it is the majestic, sky-scraping 'Shade Is A Light That Faded'; a carefully crafted journey through beautiful noise.

PARQKS' website

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