Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Top 25 Tracks Of 2014

Chosen by KevW

We couldn't finish off the year without the annual rundown of great music that we've been championing either on here or elsewhere, and of course, things wouldn't be complete without the unveiling of the Obligatory Record Of The Year! You can check back over our Scottish correspondent's lists and also the top 10 albums of 2014, but now it's time for the best tunes. For a full playlist of all the songs together, just scroll to the bottom of the page. Hopefully there's plenty here for you to enjoy!

25) Tyburn Saints - With The Night In Our Eyes

Tyburn Saints' website

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24) Simian Ghost - Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)

Simian Ghost's website

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23) Pretties For You - Talk


Pretties For You's website

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22) Soft Science - Feel

Soft Science's website

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21) JJ - All White Everything


JJ's website

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20) When Nalda Became Punk - Song For Carrie Mathison

When Nalda Became Punk's website

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19) The Heartbreaks - Hey, Hey Lover

The Heartbreaks' website

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18) The Walking Who - With Roses

The Walking Who's website

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17) Ummagma - Lama


Ummagma's website

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16) The Popguns - Lovejunky


The Popguns' website

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15) Gold-Bears - Hey, Sophie


Gold-Bears' website

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14) Sheepy - Another Day

Sheepy's website

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13) Wonderful Humans - Edge Of The Night


Wonderful Humans' website

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12) The Persian Leaps - Sleepless


The Persian Leaps' website

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11) Dignan Porch - Harshed

Dignan Porch's website

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10) The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Until The Sun Explodes

The Pains Of  Being Pure At Heart's website

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9) Withered Hand - Horseshoe


Withered Hand's website

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8) The Tablets - Tablets


The Tablets' website

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7) East Brunswick All Girls Choir - West Brunswick

East Brunswick All Girls Choir's website

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6) Buffalo Sunn - By Your Side

Buffalo Sunn's  website

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5) Spiritualized "Mississippi Space Program" - Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)

Spiritualized's website

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4) The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Eurydice


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart's website

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3) The Raveonettes - Sisters


The Raveonettes' website

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2) Elephant - Elusive Youth


Elephant's website

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Broken Records - I Won't Leave You In The Dark

A few years ago, Edinburgh's Broken Records were making intricate baroque-indie that was impressive but unlikely to find mass commercial appeal. There were Arcade Fire comparisons, but really what they were doing was too sparse to become that huge. Until now. For third album 'Weights & Pulleys' the band truly excelled themselves in expanding everything to epic proportions. Had the gloriously massive 'I Won't Leave You In The Dark' been released by The National, The Gaslight Anthem or, yes, Arcade Fire, then this song would have been everywhere this year. The fact that it hasn't been is a crying shame, for if ever a band has shown they can step up a few gears then it's Broken Records, and 'I Won't Leave You In The Dark' is the sound of them doing just that - in triumphant fashion.

Broken Records' website

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