Thursday 23 July 2015

Get Me Free #12: Natalie Pryce - Derek Scott

Article by KevW

As you may already be aware, Glasgow's Natalie Pryce are not a solo artist, they're a band - none of whom are called Natalie, they're all men. So now any possible confusion in that respect is gone, you might want to have a listen to 'Derek Scott' which is lifted from their album 'Vol. II: The Ascent from Ego to Ego', released earlier this year. The track is now being given some stand-alone publicity thanks to a new, flickery, surreal video which you can watch below before downloading the track for free (or even the entire album, on which every track is a human name, for free should you so wish).

The track itself is also slightly surreal and generates a fuzz-laden, seemingly lo-fi atmosphere whilst actually being a well-produced, stomping blues-rock song at heart. The lyrics are partially indecipherable thanks to the crazed vocal style, but the clattering beat, bursts of harmonica and loads of frazzled guitar give 'Derek Scott' an air of mystery and danger, perhaps not unlike the album cover you can see above. It's a storming ride though, so check out the visuals and give the rest of the album a spin afterwards.

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