Sunday 26 July 2015

Moxie Kicks - So Alive

Article by KevW

Many bands come with interesting backstories, sometimes they're true and sometimes not. Some bands hype themselves to high Heaven even before they've released a record. It all tends to come out in the wash. A prime example of this backfiring is Razorlight's hilarious first press release (if you haven't read it, it's here, and it's really quite something!). London duo Moxie Kicks also have a backstory and they're also bigging themselves up, with their Facebook bio using words such as "sensational", "exciting", "innovative" and proclaiming them "definitely one to watch". Sure there's nothing wrong with being self-assured, although it can occasionally be a little off-putting, and such statements are usually best ignored until you've seen or heard the artist in question. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Moxie Kicks haven't got to the pudding yet, they're just serving up a starter, an entrée if you will, but their plan is for each single to come with a proper video, and that every track of theirs will sound like a single. It's quite a task and they've already given themselves a lot to live up to. So, how have they fared with the first course? Pretty darn well, thank you very much! 'So Alive' is confident, it's got a blockbusting sound and a great melody, and thankfully, all the bravado is left on paper; this isn't a song that tries too hard or over-eggs the pudding (Viva Brother showed us exactly what can happen when that approach is taken). Yes, this is fairly conventional indie-rock, but you can imagine a sound like this bringing the pair the commercial success they seem to expect. Time will tell, but we might just have a band who can live up to their own hype. Definitely one to watch? We'd go along with that.

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