Thursday 16 July 2015

Get Me Free #5: Schmieds Puls - You Can Go Now

Article by KevW

There's a reason why a lot of songs start quietly and gradually build into something more substantial. Having a huge, climatic beginning and then slowly fading away over three or four minutes doesn't really have the desired effect. Now signed to Austrian label Seayou Records, Schmieds Puls offer a prime example of just why. Left completely free of all effects (or as they say, "no bells and whistles"), what you're hearing is the song laid bare in front of you. With a certain fragility that suits the basic guitar and vocals intro, and despite moving from loud sections to quieter moments, the first half of 'You Can Go Now' is left almost skeletal and it works wonderfully.

There's plenty of heartbreak and sadness to that voice too, a certain resignation almost. The guitar does grow louder to enhance this rollercoaster of emotions at times, but it's not until the drums and backing vocals join in that any great change takes place, and even then it's done in a subtle and simple way, letting the song speak for itself rather than smothering it. 'You Can Go Now' is an emotion-filled teaser for their second album 'I Care A Little Less About Everything Now' which is out on October 18th.

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