Saturday 25 July 2015

Get Me Free #14: Monotony - Back To The Castle

Article by KevW

The story behind Monotony is one many bands can only dream about. They formed last summer and wrote five songs in an hour, recorded them in a day and uploaded them. Somehow the tunes found their way to Marc Riley who started giving them some heavy rotation on his 6 Music show. Sounds all a bit too easy, doesn't it? Their links with Sauna Youth will have helped though. The thing with Monotony is that they're one of those bands who you'll either love or hate, and if you love them you won't be able to get enough. Six tracks have so far been released on limited cassette and download, but next month you'll be able to get them all on 12" as well - and the side-B of the record features the same six songs over again for those who really can't get enough. Monotony indeed.

Described accurately as "simplistic dirge punk", 'Back To The Castle' sounds live, very raw and as though their equipment doesn't quite have enough beef to be able to handle the music they hammer through it. The riff is simple and it is monotonous, but it works. Similarly, the vocals don't seem to stretch beyond two or three notes, making for something of a compressed, angry version of drone-rock. Distortion seeps out of every pore of the song and if played loudly this is bound to piss off the neighbours. The way music is written and recorded doesn't have to be complex or require virtuoso skills, you just need a sound, an identity and some good tunes (preferably all of your own), and Monotony fit that criteria - or they will for some people at least. Got a Saturday morning hangover? Try this out with headphones on; it'll either kill or cure.

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