Tuesday 14 July 2015

Get Me Free #3: Jonny Debt - Waiting "Love"

Article by KevW

'Waiting "Love"' is the fifth single from Canadian musician Jonny Debt and is slightly deceiving at first, beginning as though we're in for a traditional alt-country slowie, but the crunchy guitars give a peek at what's to come. That vibe never completely vanishes, but as soon as the chorus hits we're firmly in alt-rock territory as more fuzzy guitar joins in, along with drums and handclaps, making for an upbeat stomper that doesn't really require repeat listens to grab you; it's instantly likeable.

There are definite earworm qualities too, ensuring that the song sticks in your head for a good while after it's finished, without ever becoming nagging or annoying, and getting that balance right is a skill in itself. 'Waiting "Love' is pretty timeless, very memorable and the perfect length for a track with those characteristics, and at a cost of nothing, you can't really go wrong.

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