Friday 24 July 2015

Flemmings - Shake Well Before Use

Article by KevW

Four tracks, eight minutes. Kerpow. There's no fluff or messing about when it comes to this new tape from trans European trio Flemmings (who boast members from Spain, Denmark and England). 'Get Away From Me Right Now' is classic scuzzy powerpop with a tasty melody and a raw yet not totally untamed energy. There's no needless shouting or attempts at any form of shock value, it's just a great tune and sets the tone nicely. If you do like a bit more unleashed, flailing, speedball punk then it comes in a handy forty-seven second package titled 'I'm Afraid I'm A Jerk', and it's custom built for nosebleed pogoing.

Sitting somewhere in the middle of the two sound-wise is the buzzsaw guitar-pop of 'So' which will tick all your lo-fi boxes. Lastly comes 'Stone Circle' which once more takes a slightly messy but melodic approach and is reminiscent of mid-'90s alternative types such as AC Acoustics, only with a little more anger in the vocals. This might be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it collection, but for sheer enthusiasm and a heap of fun it's worth every penny. Shake well before use, but prepare to be shaken during use as well.

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