Friday 24 July 2015

Memory Maze - The Closest Thing To Heaven

Article by KevW

This very month last year was when the music of London-based musician/producer Gavin Ellis, otherwise known as Memory Maze, first landed in our inbox and got us rather excited. That single was the dreamy electronic indiepop of 'Like A Mirage' and sounded like a less surreal, more wide-eyed MGMT. It's interesting to see what, if any, changes have been made in the past twelve months, and we'll find out properly in mid-August when debut album 'From The Outside In' will be released. Before that though, we can savour the very fetching new single 'The Closest Thing To Heaven' which is available from July 31st.

It's not poles apart from 'Like A Mirage', but there is a clear difference. Once more this is a song full of swoonsome wonder and again it's essentially electronic indiepop, but the tempo is raised with an propelling beat that could be by Neu! travelling at high speeds down the autobahn. The vocals sigh and croon softly whilst washes of synth and retro electronics give the full-on wall of sound effect. Throw in some chimes of guitar that feel like shards of glass glinting in the sunlight and you've got your perfect alternative pop hit for the summer. Close to Heaven indeed.

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