Monday 27 July 2015

The Beatpack - Where The Water Runs Deep

Article by KevW

If you're new to The Beatpack, then both band name and traditional vinyl sleeve ought to give the game away a bit. State Records motto is "making records that sound like records", and they've always remained true to their words. 'Where The Water Runs Deep' begins with an electrifying riff that's a hybrid of early singles by The Who and The Stones, but specifically when they threw out some of those scorching blues/garage/psych hybrids, and it's a sharp as a razor blade. With some fiery harmonica and a slight freakbeat leaning, it might be a deliberate throwback, but it hits the target right in the middle.

On the flip is '(She's) All Dressed In Black' which also has a Jagger-esque intonation. Really it's too good to be a B-side, so you could easily call this a double A. The Beatpack clearly have a good line in garage riffs, and the mid-section blows out into the soaring sound of original psychedelia. This is a single that could have come from the London scene of the early '60s with bands inspired by the blues and rock 'n' roll floating across from the US, and it would have been an underground classic. Using that term for a pair of songs that rely so heavily on borrowing from the past might be a bit much, but it's still a heck of a listen.

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