Friday 24 July 2015

Get Me Free #13: North Atlantic Maritime - Wrecks

Article by KevW

With a name and track title like these, you'd be forgiven for thinking that North Atlantic Maritime were an entirely nautical concept, but that's not quite true. Formed as a duo in 2014, their first single, 'Mt.', was a non sea-based instrumental that took hold of post-rock and got rid of the boring bits. But, having previously been based in Brighton and now living in London, the coast was never far away, so perhaps its influence was likely to creep into song names as well as the band's (they're now expanded to a trio) chosen moniker. So we get 'Wrecks' as the follow-up, and the cover is even ordained with a shot of the ocean.

If you knew nothing about band or single and hadn't seen the video, then musically you'd find that the aforementioned theme doesn't make an appearance. There are no lyrics once again, and so your imagination can be left to paint its own picture of what the song may be inspired by. Taking their urgent post-rock style a step further, North Atlantic Maritime flood the song with guitars and drums that sound as though they're careering out of control towards the edge of a cliff. There's the faintest hint of surf twang here too, and a touch of math-rock, but really it seems as though these guys want to paint instrumental soundscapes that aren't strung out over several minutes and don't take a dozen plays to appreciate. With the thunderous rumble, it's clear that they're not in calm waters, but we hope their good ship continues its voyage for a while longer yet.

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