Tuesday 28 July 2015

Get Me Free #17: The Higher State - Transparent Day

Article by KevW

This cut from The Higher State was originally released as the B-side to 2011 single 'I'll Always Be Around' on Get Hip Recordings, and also appeared on their self-titled compilation album released the same year on State Records, and now, still as something of a rarity, it's been made available for free download. The fact that it's a few years old is hardly likely to make it sound dated, when the whole point of the Kent band is to make "100% authentic folk rock with psychedelic touches, echoing the style of mid 60s West Coast jangle-pop, mixed with harder-edged Texan garage punk and psych".

As anyone who's familiar with their output knows, they take that job description and fulfill it perfectly. In the case of 'Transparent Day', it's really the sound of West Coast jangle-pop that you'll find. It'll be difficult not to mention The Byrds, especially with the adopted guitar sound here, so let's get that out of the way. Harmonies are hardly in short supply either, and, even with the summer currently looking like a bit of a washout, it's almost certain to bring a little sunshine into your life; in fact, it could be made for that purpose alone. A timeless piece.

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