Monday 25 November 2013

The Microdance - Moopy Moop​/​Skulduggery

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Our introduction to The Microdance came with the release of single 'Yo Yo at 26' back in the summer, and it seemed pretty clear that although they're at a reasonably early stage in their career in terms of releases, they've had some time to develop their sound and gel as a unit. A point reinforced by the fact that they formed back in 2010. That single took a melee of sounds from different alternative guitar scenes and wrapped them up together to form a whole new package. The Londoners couldn't exactly be called cutting-edge, but at the same time there appears to be a definite drive to forge an identity for themselves amongst a sea of other bands, something that they continue here.

New double A-side single 'Moopy Moop'/'Skulduggery' probably doesn't have its heart set on platinum sales, it's too dark for that. Instead the approach they take is to pull guitars in from post-punk, atmospherics from dreampop, vocals from grunge and effects from shoegaze, all combining to leave a potent result that's both angry and fantastical at the same time. This is particularly evident on 'Moopy Moop', a song that could have been engineered to reach for the stars; it's on the verge of soaring but deliberately avoids overt grandeur while still ending on a fearsome high. 'Skulduggery' is built from the same ingredients, yet is allowed to be a little softer around the edges. It's difficult to describe how they take a sound as strong as this and make it sound so otherworldly; there's a strong dreamlike quality to this, almost to the point where it becomes psychedelic, although not in the conventional sense of the world. It'll be interesting to see just how far The Microdance can go, but they definitely deserve credit for generating a distinct noise.

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