Wednesday 20 November 2013

CAVE - Threace

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Three words spring to mind after an intriguing adventure into my unknown world of CAVE. They are, repetition, repetition, repetition (words famously quoted by Mark E. Smith). The opening track to their new EP 'Threace' is a spiralling experience with plenty of spunk, 'Sweaty Fingers' is a clear indication that this is a band that have a lot more to offer.

The gradual building of instruments and the clean fuzzy production of psychedelic drone is enough to keep the listener listening though their lengthy instrumental tracks. This occasionally offers unexpected moments of genius. There are clear influences of krautrock and African psychedelia that merge together gracefully and create a inspiring image of landscape that brings an eminence of richness. 'Slow Bern' I think is a good example, and my stand-out track!

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