Tuesday 5 November 2013

Guards - Coming True

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

I haven't witnessed them myself, by reports suggest that powerpop/psych trio Guards are an exceptional live proposition, having impressed at festivals including The Great Escape and Coachella. It's perhaps this fact that brought them to the attention of MGMT who they recently supported on their European tour. With debut album 'In Guards We Trust' already available and gaining momentum as word spreads, the group this week release a new single from the album in the shape of 'Coming True', a song which has the accessibility and quality to turn even more heads towards their take on the world of alternative pop music.

It's that word, pop, that's fundamentally important with this track especially. Every other band who have a guitarist are getting described as psychedelic in some way or another, mainly because the term is so broad. Guards don't do deep psych or extended wig-outs, and neither do they plunder the late '60s for inspiration. It's merely a case that this guitar-pop has the slight influence of more modern forms of the genre, just enough to prevent them being labelled as indiepop or something similar. Call it psych, call it pop, call it indie, call it Geoff; it doesn't matter when you have hooks and melodies being fired at your brain with this much sonic enthusiasm. Top stuff.

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