Friday 1 November 2013

DeLooze - Holler

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When a press release describes something as "somewhere between PJ Harvey and Kate Bush" then they're already setting themselves up for a fall. However, this title-track from the new EP by DeLooze fits the bill quite well. In fact, without reading that there's a good chance of both of those artists getting a mention anyway. Stacey Delooze's vocals are a major part in what makes the song so impressive, but you can sing as sweetly as a thousand nightingales and it can be wasted unless the material itself is actually worthy of lending that voice to. 'Holler' is a step-up from single 'Lost Army' which we featured earlier this year, so although DeLooze isn't a total newcomer and has been making music for a while, it could be now that everything is falling into place.

This is a song that's not short of confidence, and there's a clear distinction between confidence and bravado. 'Holler', although an intense track, feels totally at ease and totally natural. It's a modern alt-pop song but one with a rock side to it that could be the making of DeLooze. Wide appeal can be a bad thing; it often means watering music down or pandering to trends, but this song does neither. Instrumentally there's more raw power here than most bands can muster when they throw everything they have into a song. Plus the depth and attention to detail are especially good: amongst the intricate yet thumping percussion, the crunching guitars, the abrasive electronics and so on, is hidden some delicate piano and more besides. There's plenty to be discovered with repeat plays, and it's difficult not to be wowed by those vocals either. A fitting comparison after all.

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