Thursday 14 November 2013

The Deadline Shakes - Bright Spot In A Bad Year

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It's been just over a year since Scottish quintet The Deadline Shakes entered the fray with debut single 'Sweeten The Deal', and since then they've steadily been building momentum and getting their music heard by a wider audience thanks to some decent radio play and some notable live events, but their third single (check out the second, 'Boy', by popping over here) still defies categorisation. Is it guitar-pop, alt-pop, something else with a hyphen and the word "pop" after it, or is it just plain old pop? I think 'Bright Spot In A Bad Year' is best described simply as pop, but it's by no means plain or old. That said, although there's a modern element to parts of this song, the overall sound is pretty timeless.

The Deadline Shakes don't make ordinary music, they make songs that chop and change naturally, they don't follow patterns or fads, yet they're becoming an irresistible band. There's a strong '70s influence here, especially in the arrangements. You can hear bands like ELO in the mix, along with more modern proponents of songs made with traditional instruments like The Delays, The Tyde, The See See or even The Thrills, but you'd have to take all of those and soak them overnight in a huge vat of harmony, then bring them out and sprinkle them with a host of interesting twists and turns and lush orchestration. This track now makes a trio of wonderful and unique tunes. Musically it hasn't been a particularly bad year (if you know where to look), but this is definitely still a bright spot.

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Bright Spot in a Bad Year SINGLE LAUNCH
Sat, Dec 7, Official 13th Note, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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